Mint Triffito Diary mint ice cream containing chocolate sauce and enrobed in chocolate with mint cracknel pieces £ 3.25
Rocky Thick and creamy vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce and chocolate buttons in a water basket £ 3.95
Fantastica Individual vanilla and caramel ice cream, decorated with chocolate ball and powder chocolate £ 3.95
Rainbow A glass of vanilla and peach ice cream, with peach sauce and pieces of candied peach, all topped with strawberry sauce £ 3.95
Mystique Mango Rich quality Mango ice cream rippled with mango sauce £ 3.95
Kulffi Traditional Indian diary ice cream made with fresh cream. Available in Pistachio & Mango flavours £ 2.50

Hot Beverages

Coffe Black/White A long coffee made from the traditional espresso £ 1.50
Indian Tea   £ 1.95
Espresso A short , strong dark coffee made the traditional Italian way £ 1.95
Cappuccino A milky coffee made from equal portions of espresso and steamed whipped milk topping £ 1.95
Cappuccino Choco A coffee with all sophistication of a cappuccino, with the added indulgence of sweetness of hot chocolate £ 1.95
Café au lait A long coffee made from an espresso base with a generous whipped topping £ 1.95
Floater Coffee   £ 2.50
Irish Coffee   £ 4.45
Calypso Coffee   £ 4.45
Other Liqueur Coffee   £ 4.45


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